5 Indoor Sports You’ve Never Heard Of

Admin/ October 9, 2017/ Indoor Sports

When it comes to sports, everyone has their favorite. Some people don’t care about any sports beyond those favorites, as they may not have time to care about the entire universe of sports that exists out there. But not even the most dedicated sports fans have a firm grasp on these sports, five indoor sports that you have never heard of. All of these look like a lot of fun, but chances are you won’t be able to find a place to try them!

1. Netball

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took basketball, and removed the backboard from the basket? Netball is here to answer that question. Without the backboard to help players guide shots into the hoop, netball has the potential to be considerably more challenging than basketball, and lot harder to find, as it is not as global a sport as basketball to say the least.

2. Indoor Cricket

Indoor cricket is interesting, in that cricket normally requires a giant amount of space for balls to be hit into and for defenders to run into. Indoor cricket modifies its rules so that amount of space is not required, which makes for a much more compact (and in many ways, a much more interesting) form of the game.


3. Roller Derby

If you took someone who had no idea what roller derby was to a roller derby event, they would probably ask you why a group of people were skating around a roller rink while trying to decapitate each other at the same time. That would be a valid question given the circumstances, before you explained to them that roller derby is actually a very interesting sport.

In roller derby, the goal is to have your designated scoring player stake laps around the track, passing players from the opposing team in the process to earn points for your team. All of the physicality and violence is just an added bonus.

4. Sepak Takraw

Originally a southeast Asian sport, sepak takraw is like volleyball, if you were only allowed to play it with your feet. In a way, it is what football is to handball, only to volleyball instead. As you might expect, sepak takraw requires players to be in amazing physical shape in order to get a foot to any number of awkwardly placed balls. And, yes, there are a ton of bicycle kicks to enjoy in this game.

5. Kabaddi

Kabaddi is beginning to get popular around the world, after originating in India. Players are tasked with going from one side of the court to the other, hoping to tag members of the opposing team without being tackled before they are able to return to their own half. Think of it as a way more intense version of the capture the flag games that you would play with your friends as a child, only with tackling.

These five sports may not be sports that you have heard of, but they’re all fun in a number of ways that more popular sports are not.

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