What’s Next? The Future of Esports

Admin/ April 23, 2021/ Indoor Sports

Sports have grown to be very popular, so much so that people watch them even when they can barely be played due to a global pandemic. On the other hand, the development of technology paved the way for new ideas and new challenges.

With the rise of video games and the internet, many new opportunities opened. Online video games became popular and not just the ones for entertainment. Casinos are now online and they make use of digital technology to give their potential customers bonuses like this Spin Casino Bonus.

Esports also boomed, from games like CS: GO to League of Legends and more recently, Valorant. Esports is already popular enough to attract large sponsors like BMW, Honda, Kia, and many other brands who build appliances and essentials to our modern daily life.

What will the future of esports be like? What can we expect?

The Olympic Games – Esports Become Olympic Sports

Esports are at some point surely going to become Olympic sports, the only question is, which ones. The problem with esports is not that the Committee does not want them, but that most games have a foundation in violence and even death, which goes against the tenets of the Olympic Games.

Once that is settled, in one way or another, we will most likely see plenty of popular video games featured as Olympic sports, where athletes will get to compete and join their more physical friends on the road to glory.

Virtual Reality Esports – Broadcasting and Playing

VR is currently not really usable for most esports. MOBAs are almost impossible to play in VR due to their strange angles, the players would not benefit from it. First-person shooters would be a different story, especially interesting for the spectators, who would most likely get to experience what the players are, in VR.

VR will most likely be expanded to traditional sports, as well, particularly on the spectator side of things, once the technology is there to implement capturing the VR footage and broadcasting it live.

More Amateur and Local Tournaments

When networking becomes better, schools and local leagues will become easier to implement, allowing amateur players to play in tournaments. This is already taking place, but to a smaller extent.

There are university and college leagues in the US, but also in Europe. That being said, once more people get access to fast networks and better computers, esports will get a larger opportunity to thrive and more people will get the opportunity to find jobs, as players and coaches, or supporting staff.

A Cult Following Like Regular Sports

Some esports teams already have many fans, at least one million followers on Twitter. In China, League of Legends teams are very popular, to the point of it rivaling the popularity of some football clubs.

With time, esports, in general, will become more popular and gain more fans, particularly games in which the fans can be engaged easily.

The future of esports is bright and it will be similar to what it is now, just with more of everything, fans, popularity, availability on all levels, and new broadcasting methods. Keep a close eye out, you might be surprised.

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