Biggest Handball Tournaments In The World

Admin/ December 10, 2017/ Indoor Sports

Handball is one of the more fun sports out there, in that it features an endless supply on up and down action. The fast paced nature of the game and the precision of players at the top level of the sport combine for what are usually high scoring games, with goals coming from all angles. These handball tournaments are bigger than the rest, with the highest level of play of any tournaments in the world of competitive handball, leading to more intensity and excitement than most competitions. If you wish to bet on handball, make sure to use a betfred promo code!

EHF Champions League

Just like the UEFA Champions League pits the best teams in football against one another to determine which club is the best in Europe, the EHF Champions League is there to do the same thing for handball. Elite club teams qualify for the competition and then do battle for the right to be called the best club handball team in all of Europe, an honor that can solidify any player or team’s status as one of the best in recent history.

Teams have to play through groups of four teams to qualify for the EHF Champions League, with qualifiers entering groups for the group stage proper, which lead to knockout stages after that until a champion is crowned. The knockout rounds are played in two legs, with teams trading home and away responsibilities, until the semifinal and final rounds, which are played in single elimination format at a neutral site over one weekend of action.


IHF World Handball Championships

The IHF World Handball Championships are among the biggest international competitions in all of handball. Set up by the sport’s international governing body, all of the best nations in the world get together to determine which team is the best during that time period. To be a world champion at anything is a prestigious honor, with a championship in the Handball World Championships being no exception.

This tournament is held every other year, with teams from each confederation across the world qualifying for the event, along with the champion from the previous edition of the World Championships. In 2017, the host nation France took home the honor of becoming World Champion, winning the tournament over Norway in the final while also representing themselves as the host nation of the tournament.

Olympic Games

If representing your country in the World Championships is prestigious, doing so in the Olympic Games is even more prestigious. Every athlete, no matter what sport they play, dreams of representing their country in the Olympics. Handball players have the opportunity to do so, and as such have the chance to become immortal in the sport by collecting a gold medal in the Games.

These three tournaments are by far the biggest in the sport of handball, with players wanting nothing more than to experience victory in one of them, if not all of them. There is no doubt that a great performance in any of these three competitions would be the crowning achievement in any handball player’s career.

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