5 Best Soccer Games of All Time

Admin/ June 29, 2019/ Indoor Sports

If you are a soccer fan, you probably love playing the most popular sport in the world both outside and from the comfort of your home with a gamepad in your hand. In fact, you can probably name the two most successful soccer video game franchises right away — FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer (Winning Eleven). The two have been fighting for the market for more than a decade, creating fierce competition.

However, FIFA and PES are not the only two soccer games out there. In fact, there are quite a few of them, and although none of them can come even close to the two franchises, they make a great alternative for soccer fans all around the world.


Obviously, we have to start with FIFA. It has been one of the most successful soccer video game franchises of all time. This game has millions of players, and EA tries its best to release a new version every year, with updated transfers, statistics, graphics, and gameplay. Games such as FIFA and PES have become increasingly popular in years when there is a big competition going on. With Euro 2020 coming closer, it seems that soccer-related actions, such as betting on the Euro Cup in 2020, and playing the upcoming FIFA game will be popular once again.

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the legendary soccer franchises made by the Japanese gaming giant Konami. Although they have never been able to acquire licenses for some of the leagues, they managed to stay on top of the list nevertheless. PES also releases a new game every year, with millions of fans waiting for it in order to test the updated game mechanic and play with their favorite teams and players.

Football Manager

Football Manager is not a traditional soccer video game, but it is the third most popular one. Just like FIFA and PES, new version is released almost every year and it focuses on tactics, strategies, transfers, and all other things that are equally important in this sport. Just as the title suggests, you assume the role of a football manager and must lead your team.

Football, Tactics & Glory

Fancy graphics and realistic-looking players are not what makes a soccer game popular. In fact, a game called Football, Tactics & Glory is a PC game available on steam that takes playing soccer to another level, with a turn-based system of play that requires strategical thinking, as well as soccer knowledge. You are given the role of a manager, and you need to tactically place your players on a field and give them certain commands. Whenever you have a turn, you need to come up with a set of three commands that would push the ball forward and eventually behind the opponent’s goal line.

Urban Freestyle Soccer

Soccer is popular not only on big stadiums, but also on small concrete pitches around the block, and that is what makes this game beautiful. Urban Freestyle Soccer is a game made by Gusto Games that focuses on dribblings and other moves rather than strategy and tactics that are required in professional soccer.

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