Best Horse Riding Video Games Ever

Admin/ June 14, 2019/ Indoor Sports

Horse riding, or just riding, as it is often called, is a very fun and interesting experience which people love to take part in. One of the things that makes it so great is that you have to have a certain bond with the animal you are riding, or at least to be able to communicate with it. Each horse has its own temper and will show if given the opportunity.

Horse racing, is one of the more popular things people love to bet on. It is partly due to tradition, for some countries like the United Kingdom, but for others, like the United States, it was the only available sport you could have bet on for at least 20 years. Today, people are betting on the Grand National online, without even skipping a beat, as well as other sports.

Some, who cannot really engage themselves in horse riding, turn to video games to find their entertainment. Needless to say, strict horse riding video games are rare, and in their own way, very niche. But, some triple A titles have horse riding as an essential element. Here are those games, in no particular order.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Skyrim is the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series and is one of the best ones. It is debated which one of the last three games is the best one, but due to its more modern engine and better graphics and gameplay, Skyrim is often considered at the top of the table.

Getting around a vast landscape requires transport. Given that you cannot ride dragons most of the time, horses are a must. Depending on which horse you purchase, they will be able to gallop faster, or slower, but for a longer time. Some are perfectly balanced. You can even ride the immortal Shadowmere, which makes its return in Skyrim.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia, the main character, as well as the character you play in the Witcher series, calls each and every one of his horses, Roach. Roach can be summoned with a whistle and will appear almost anywhere, besides indoors or in different realms. Some consider the latter strange, given that Roach sometimes appears in impossible locations such as a roof or the bottom of a lake.

Riding Roach is an essential part of playing the third game. The horse can get scared and throw Geralt off, in which case it must be calmed. Roach can get better equipment and even a stable to call home. CD Projekt Red have embraced the Roach meme and implemented the character into their Gwent online card game, where Roach is depicted on the roof of a house with Geralt watching from the ground.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead is a western game and as such, it must have horses, right? It most definitely does and your relationship with your horse can make the difference between life and death situations. Your horse can get frightened and lose its confidence, so you must encourage it, pat it and feed it, thus building the trust required for the horse to stay calm while you are under fire. 

Horse racing games are very few on their own and with that in mind, they are often on the cheaper side. Triple A games implement horse riding very well, to the point of it being a crucial gameplay element, whilst also being visually stunning.

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