Best Bowling Alleys In The UK

Admin/ September 12, 2017/ Indoor Sports

Bowling is one of the most fun ways to spend a day or night. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of entertainment, and combines competition with a rather glitzy night out with friends depending on where you go. These bowling alleys are the gold standard in the UK, as they are more than just places where you can bowl, they are destinations for a fun night out, with bowling a featured contributor to the fun.

Rowans Bowl

Equal parts bowling alley, arcade, and nightclub, Rowans Bowl is exactly what you want in a night out, contained within one bowling alley. They offer two floors of lanes to bowl on, which gives the venue a feeling that goes beyond that of a bowling alley, and more of a full-fledged entertainment destination. Beyond just bowling, Rowans Bowl offers its patrons things like arcade games, karaoke, and a lot of fun drinks to consume if you are so inclined. Needless to say, this is not just a bowling alley.

Hollywood Bowl

Taking the family bowling is great, in that it isn’t as expensive as most family fun options, and is still a great way to keep kids entertained for an extended period of time. Hollywood Bowl is great for the family fun aspect of things, with a more family friendly atmosphere than an adult-oriented bowling alley that is filled with booze and dancing. Hollywood Bowl is about good, clean, family fun, and that is certainly a good way to spend some time out bowling.


Salutation Inn

Sure, a lot of bowling alleys act as both a bowling alley and a pub, but what about going to a bowling alley that is built into a pub? The Salutation Inn only has one lane, so it may not be the best bowling alley in terms of being able to pack in a ton of people with the latest in bowling technology. But this lane is located in an actual pub, with an incredible beer selection that certainly outdoes any of the traditional bowling alleys out there.

All Star Lanes

One of the images that is sure to be conjured at the thought of bowling is the old-time 1950s American bowling alley. Before every bowling alley had black lights and DJs and more spirits than the house in Beetlejuice, this was where people would go for social gatherings. All Star Lanes has recreated this environment perfectly with their American style bowling facility.

All Star Lanes has a small number of lanes, but it isn’t about the number of lanes here, it is what goes into the environment around them. Old school booths are where patrons can order all of the favorites from that era of Americana, like burgers, shakes, and steaks. It’s a great place to catch a meal, and toss a few frames while you’re at it.

Any of these bowling alleys are perfect for a different type of bowling enthusiast, whether you’re more interested in having a fun night out, or in the food and drink aspect of things.

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