Is It Possible To Bet On Indoor Sports?

Admin/ September 12, 2017/ Indoor Sports

One of the things that make outdoor sports so captivating is the ability to wager on them. There is no rush quite like having a financial investment in a sporting event that you are watching. With many wondering if it is possible to bet on indoor sports, it is worth noting that it is possible to bet on a number of different indoor sports, with many sports that would not immediately come to mind being available for wagering.

Of course, major indoor sports such as basketball and fight sports are available for betting, as bettors routinely line up to put down wagers on those types of events. And while betting on those sports is common, there are a whole host of other indoor sports that bettors can have action in. Below is a guide to some of the different outdoor sports that bettors can wager on.


With club leagues and international tournaments around the world, bettors can wager on volleyball regularly. Generally, these wagers are broken down into set handicaps, moneylines, and total number of sets played, and have the potential to make volleyball matches much more interesting.


Featuring end to end action and lots of scoring, handball is arguably the most exciting indoor sport, which gives bettors plenty of reason to wager on it. There are plenty of countries with club leagues to wager on, as well as international tournaments to enjoy.



Badminton is an Olympic sport, in spite of its reputation as a game that you play in the backyard during a barbecue. It has a huge following in Asia especially, and it has betting odds available thanks to the large following that is possesses.

Table Tennis

Also an Olympic sport with a huge following in the East, badminton is a great sport to wager on, in that the action is fast paced, and matches don’t take all that long. This allows bettors to place a wager and get a result, and their money, in a timely fashion.


To truly appreciate an exhibition in precision and attention to detail, betting on snooker is a great choice. Bettors can wager on head to head matchups, to amplify what is already an intense experience of seeing which players can convert on their pressure-packed shots with everything on the line.


A favorite around the world, darts betting is incredibly exciting. With one-on-one competition being the norm in darts, those wagers come down to which competitor is superior and nothing more. With matches being decided by as little as a single throw, darts betting can be incredibly exciting.


Swimming betting odds are usually reserved for huge meets, such as the World Championships and the Olympics, which is great for bettors in that they know they will be betting on athletes giving it their all.


Yes, bettors can even wager on chess, which may not be considered a sport to some, but is another one-on-one competition with a winner and loser, which makes it worth wagering on.

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