What Is Futsal?

Admin/ September 12, 2017/ Indoor Sports

Futsal is a unique variation on football, a variation that some might say is more fun to watch than the original, with plenty of twists that make it feel like an entirely different sport despite the game having the same general concept. Invented in the 1930s in Uruguay, futsal is still popular today, with players enjoying the game around the world.

Futsal’s biggest differences from football are the fact that the sport is played indoors, as opposed to regular football being played outdoors. It is also different in terms of the number of players that participate in the game. Regular football features eleven players at a time on the field for each team, while each side in futsal features five players. Football matches allow for three substitutions for each team, while futsal triples that amount, allowing for nine substitutions to be made per team per match.

The game is played on a field with standard dimensions of 40 meters by 20 meters, much smaller than that of a regulation football field, which is necessary given the size an indoor venue would have to be to accommodate that large a field. Matches are played on a hard floor, instead of grass or turf or a similar surface as you would see on a football pitch outdoors.


In futsal, the size of the ball is different than the size of the ball in football. Futsal uses a size 4 ball, compared to a size 5 ball in traditional football. The size 5 ball is larger in size, but both balls tend to weigh the same amount when inflated properly. Futsal balls also tend to bounce less than their traditional counterparts, to allow them to be controlled on the hard surfaces that futsal is played on.

Another huge difference between futsal and football is the fact that red cards do not hurt teams afflicted by them in futsal nearly as much as they do in traditional football. In football, a player who receives a red card is ejected from the match, and their team is forced to play with one less player for the remainder of that match. In futsal, a player who receives a red card is ejected, but their team is able to bring on a new player to replace them after a predetermined period of time, or as soon as the opposing team scores a goal.

Futsal is known for the outrageous amounts of skill required to play it at the highest level. Thanks to the small playing surface, players have to make a series of intricate moves and passes in order to beat the defense and get in on goal, which can create a ton of beautiful goals. With such a potential for breathtaking passages of play, it’s not hard to see why futsal is a popular indoor sport that more and more people bet on via bet kodikos.

At the end of the day, futsal is a more compact version of football, with fewer players on each team, and a smaller ball. However, that does not do justice to how fun the sport of futsal can be.

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