The World’s First Table Football Betting Markets

Admin/ December 13, 2020/ Indoor Sports

Some sports are popular, like football and basketball, while other sports are not as much. One of the things all sports have in common is that in some regard, people bet on them. Whether you bet against a friend or you go to a local bookmaker or visit an online bookmaker, you can bet on most sports. Online bookmakers make sports betting much easier, due to the fact that they are accessible and offer various benefits such as Betsafe Bonus

Some sports, like table football, you weren’t able to bet on, at least not prior to Digitain launching table football betting markets. Following is more about table football and betting on it.

Table Football – Popular or Not?

Most of us have had a chance, once in our lives, to play a game of table football. It is interesting because with a couple of friends, you can pound a little ball all around a table field and hope to score more goals than your opponent, thus winning the game.

It can be played up to 4 players, two per side, or with just two players, though that would make the game more difficult. Under special circumstances, larger tables were built, to accommodate up to 11 players, to mimic a football match.

It is often called table soccer or foosball, depending on where in the world you are located. It has a governing body, the International Table Soccer Federation.

Competitions – Championships

Wherever you go, you might find a couple of people arguing and yelling about table football, especially when someone starts vehemently spinning the rods, thus making the game all but playable, as the ball rushes uncontrollably towards a goal, giving the defence almost no chance but luck to stop it.

Tournaments are often organized in pubs and billiard clubs, on a local level.

The ITSF organizes world championships as part of their once annual event, and since 2015, biannual. There are world cups in table football, but can you bet on it?

Betting on Table Football – The First Markets

Alongside the Armenian Table Football Federation, a company named Digitain, launched the first betting markets for table football. Their aim is to become the world’s first supplier of statistics for international table football, meaning that all over the world, bettors would get access to table football betting, something which they could do at almost every time, given that there are matches played almost daily.

That being said, it is expected that most sportsbooks will start offering table football, especially the larger and more popular ones, making it an additional sport for punters to explore.

The Significance of Table Football Betting

Darts is a real sport and people can bet on darts and could have for a while, which only means that table football should get its chance, as well, which it has. Adding a sport such as table football, which is recreational for most people, to the list of sports you can bet on, is important because it will give other sports which are not as popular, a fighting chance. That not only promotes the sport in question, but also gives punters more opportunities to bet.

Table football, soccer or foosball, call it as you will, is a popular game in the world, played recreationally and professionally. Some people wanted to bet on it and they got their wish, as well as many other unsuspecting but soon to be happy punters.

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