Tips for How to Become a Pro at Snooker

Admin/ February 14, 2021/ Indoor Sports

Snooker is a really popular game, and we can usually play it in bars and pubs. It is typically a match between two players, but people also divide themselves into teams and take turns during a single match, when they wish to play. It’s a game of skill, precision, and fitness, and the way to win is to make the best out of your turn. Just like Age of Gods free spins allows you to better utilize your time and have more fun in this game, snooker tips can help you score more points during your turn. Here are some of the suggestions on how to improve your snooker game. 

Work on Your Stance

Just like in all the other sports that rely on your precision stance plays an important role.

Even though it can be difficult to adjust right away practicing the right stance will yield improvements in the long run. For those who are right-handed, they need to make sure their right leg is straightened and their left knee is bent. This what their shoulders can drop lower allowing them to maximize their accuracy, which is crucial in this game. 


You will also have to work on your grip in order to find the right balance. It needs to be relaxed enough to avoid unwanted power output and yet tight enough so that you have control over where the ball will go. There is no way to perfect this other than playing constantly and figuring out what works. 

Take Your Time as You Aim

Don’t hit the ball immediately once you assume the described stance, take some pauses before you take the shots and feel your strokes. You should do this to figure out if you have assumed the right angle and to ascertain the point of impact. If you watch how pros do it you will see that they really do take time in order to aim carefully.

Stand Still

Another thing to remember is to be still, this also ties into your stance. The only thing that should move is your arm that is taking the shot, everything else, like your bridge hand, your hips, and your feet should stand still. By moving hips you add more weight to your shot which will increase the power output. 

Work on Your Bridge 

Finally, in order to maximize your accuracy, you need to ensure your bridge or other hand is perfectly still. You can form a bridge with either straight or bent fingers, whatever you find easier but you need to remember one thing. It needs to be a solid foundation for the shot and at the same time loose enough for you to aim freely. 


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